Jamestown's Rental Properties, LLC

About Us

Jamestown’s Rental Properties, LLC has over 20 years experience in developing residential and commercial properties. Our goal is to meet and exceed the needs of our tenants providing them the ultimate comfort within their home or commercial space. Transitioning between homes or starting a new business venture can be stressful. We strive to make it as seamless and stress free as possible for our tenants. You can trust that we will guide you in the right direction for your needs during your transition between a home or commercial space. 

Our history includes buying neglected buildings and transforming them into well functioning homes and commercial spaces. Doing this has drawn people back into the local area. We have seen that leasing affordable properties has helped individuals, families and businesses on many levels.  We are passionate about our involvement in the community and look forward to working with residential and commercial prospects that will bring positive growth to our area.   

 Jody Peterson- Owner  Jody Peterson- Owner and Property Manager